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Terron Beckham 

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How did you get started with lifting? Like why did you? And how? Lol

I was out of a bad relationship, I was still in the army, and my battle buddy knew when I’m sad I don’t eat. I was anorexic for my ex cuz he didn’t like big guys he liked twinks… Anyways I was always into sports and fitness but when I got sad my battle forced me to eat everyday and forced me to go to the gym. Not a routine really but just go and do whatever we felt like everyday,… As time passed and she got busy I noticed I just kept begging her to go to the gym. I noticed I got used to it and in months time people noticed I got bigger… If you do something and force yourself to do a habit for twenty days straight it becomes a habit. So just step in the gym, you don’t have to do anything in particular, just get up and go… And it will be natural from there. We are all human. Meant to move and be active. You’ll get the flow of things naturally. Least that’s how it was for me

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Fun facts about your sign here

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This is what u call a thigh gap lol #dent #muscles #bookworm #quads #add #distracted

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Bed head. Flex. Pink phone. No shame.

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When I met you in the summer…

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